3D Printing
Production of 3D models for arts & industrial design

3D printing technologies

The perfect solution for elaboration of visual models

Since the ancient times the art as a part of the human culture has developed immediately with the modeling of volume shapes, called later sculptures. The production of such a model by means of the classical modeling takes a significant quantity of time and efforts of the author and therefore the reproduction of such a type of products is not justified. With the development of the digital printing, however, there are new possibilities for production of 3D models, both in the field of the arts and in the field of the industrial design, architecture etc. The new technologies make the process of modeling easier and quicker. This process is already done entirely with the help of computer systems, softwares for 3D modeling and they make it much more available for realization. It is already fully possible that one computer generated three dimensional model should be reproducted with huge accuracy out of PVC material, and then it should be done out of another material for several hours. 3D printing technologies are the perfect solution for elaboration of visual models which can be put in the production. They can be additional materialized, colored, polished and etc. for maximum realistic presentation


3D printing equipment
Object Connex 500

The technology for printing Objet Connex 500 is the last generation of 3D printer. It uses a fluid photo polymer, which after lighting with UV light becomes harder and builds the 3D model. This printer works with the extreme preciseness of 16 microns or with otherwise said – with the preciseness of 16 thousands of a millimetre. This provides the opportunity for performing of computer generated models with practically perfect dimensions. The technology is revolutionary with the fact that to the contrary of the former methods for removing or cutting the material, here the model is made directly from the computer file. In this way every single project is reproduced, without difference in complexity or design

The technology of Object Connex 500 allows to use 2 materials at once as they can be solid, flexible or a combination between both. The architecture models can be produce with a huge precision. All 3D models printed on Object Connex 500 are completely finished and ready for test and preview.