Digital printing
Large & super large high quality format

POS advertising

Human figures, animated characters, product shapes, and other standup cut-out objects

In the crowded shops, one distinctive image, provoking the customers' attention and interest, could be a strong advantage. It leads to larger sales volume and better brand awareness.

Billboard's technological advantage in digital printing and the wide range of materials and assembly methods provide the customers with variety of advertising products. The products are lightweight, compact, and attractive. They could be situated in different places, both interior and exterior.

Human figures, animated characters, product shapes, and other standup cut-out objects are extremely successful POS materials. Their function is both to advertise the products and the brand, and to communicate with the audience subconsciously, creating a positive and comfortable surrounding. The cut-outs and panels have significant effect on children's events, film premieres, and promotions.

The standard shaped panels are used for advertising or showing directions and lead the customers to the desired places in a shop. Usually they are hanged from the ceiling, or stand on the floor and other places with good visibility. Backlite displays are the most attractive and prestege POS materials. Billboard is equiped with the lates technologies of printing different types of backlit films and textiles with a stunning qulity, which creates a photo realistic effect of the images on a cost efective prices.


Digital printing equipment for POS advertising
Virtu RS 35, 2008

Virtu RS 35 is the newest model of high performance UV printer from the Swiss company Spuhl, which is a leader in the machinery construction. With the development of the direct printing on surfaces and other non-standard materials one provokes the need of UV printing machines of a new generation with much higher performance.

Aquajet 3324

Aquajet 3324 is the newest generation of printer for direct printing with sublimation inks, in which the process of aperture with high temperature is inbuilt in the machine and is done immediately after the printing, ensuring very high speed of printing of more than 60 m2/hour and instant fixing of the inks. The maximum width of up to 320 cm and the unrestricted length practically allow the production of all types of fabric products, such as: flags, banners, umbrellas, tents, gonfalons, curtains, sets and many others

Fujifilm Acurity HD 2504

The machine FujiFilm Acuity HD 2504 is the latest generation of machine with UV inks with Variable Dot Printing technology from 6 to 40 picolitres size of the point. This unique technology of FujiFilm, as well as the special inks make this machine the best solution for printing with photograph quality of more than 1200 dpi on all types of hard and soft materials like PVC plates, all types of cardboards and paper including offset papers and cardboards, plexiglas, alpolik, backlit film, carpets etc.

Esko Kongsberg iXL

An unique in its kind milling machine Esko Kongsberg iXL representing the utmost modern cutting machine for flat materials. In its functionality it unifies several machines in one – classical router with 60,000 rev/min rotating moment and air cooling; oscillating knife, bigovating machine and cutting knife for V-shaped channels. All of this is combined also with an optic scanning navigation system for control during the cutting, as well as the strengthened vacuum mass for supporting of the cutting material. Billboard PLC has the biggest router with a bed of 200 x 300 cm and offers the service for printing and cutting on line of flat materials.