Out-of-home media
Subway, road network, city zone


Out of home media company

Metroreklama, as a part of Billboard Plc, is an out of home media company. It offers the largest variety of channels for outdoor advertising with national coverage throughout the country and a wide range of means for communication. The advertising facilities are maintained in the best impeccable way, since they are under continuous monitoring in all phases of the project at hand. The company has more than 15 years experience in operating different advertising panels for visual communication.

Metroreklama has no analogue in the Bulgarian media sector. It offers the greatest variety of out-of-home channels, brought together and coordinated by one advertising operator. The combined usage of OOH channels leads to the most effective contact with the target audience – the advertising message reaches the consumer each moment he spends out of home.

It's activities cover the whole country and consists of 4 main directions:

The company owns a rich set of communication instruments – contemporary advertising facilities on attractive locations, maintained in excellent condition. The constant monitoring in each phase of the project is its unique approach which guaranteeing the perfect look of the advertisement during the whole campaign.