Out-of-home media
Subway, road network, city zone


A unique advertising channel

The Sofia Subway has 35 modern and welcoming stations, more than 60 high-speed trains, over 11 million passengers per month and plenty of opportunities for advertising. Besides being one of the fastest and most convenient means of transport in Sofia, the subway is a unique advertising channel that has a very strong impact, due to several factors:

Advertising subway boxes/ Advertising city light signs

'City Light' led light boxes of vertical and horizontal type in the following metro areas:

Metro panels

They are of horizontal and vertical format and are placed inside the trains. The ad is constantly in the eyesight of the passengers as the lack of external visual environment completely attracts their attention while travelling. They are suitable for a detailed text description such as characteristics of a product, promotions, leasing and others. The panels are arranged in the train in such a manner that provides visibility for both standing and seated passengers.

Subway advertising boards

Located on the platform behind the rails, the metro boards have the same impact as billboards in the urban areas, however there two important advantages: the visual contact of the passengers with the advertising media is closer and long-lasting. While waiting for the train, passengers are able to perceive the advertising frontally /perception time 7–15 min/, which gives grounds for visual and text messages.