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Point-of-sale communication

The point-of-sale communication with the consumers is a marketing instrument with proven effectiveness. Take advantage of the advertising possibilities in the most popular commercial chain in Bulgaria. The facts are impressive:

The researches confirm the power of such communication channel – over 70% of the purchase decisions are made immediately at the points of sale. The rate increases when consumers are stimulated by various marketing activities and messages.


Kaufland is one of the leading retail chain supermarkets in Europe. Initially established in Germany, today it is present in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria. The chain has 55 supermarkets in all major regional and municipal cities in Bulgaria. In addition to the standard billboards and light boxes, the company offers indoor advertising opportunities in Kaufland.

Pisa billboards - The billboards are the most common advertising media preferred for all categories of products and services; The billboards offer excellent visibility – when placed at the entrances and parking lots of the stores, they cover the key intersections in cities. This allows them to become not only strategic advertising tools in the points of sale but standard outdoor advertising tools as well;

Advertising LED boxes/ City lights - They are suitable for price promotions, servicesand messages providing information. Located at the entrances and the parking lotsof the store;

Kaufland shopping trolleys - 100% visible message. Over 30 minutes of impact and influence during the shopping. Reaching the audience in an original and unusual manner. Ability to communicate multiple messages simultaneously.

Till dividers - The audience is fully involved – the stay at cash desks lasts between 3–5 minutes. It is suitable for products of all categories. It has strong impact on impulse purchases. Optimum cost – a minimum price per unit.

Floor stickers - Unique positioning and incredible effect. High concentration of attention. Flexibility in terms of size and locations. Trade mark easily recognised. Special projects – innovative design. Full colour vision. Placed between shelves – an interesting opportunity for presentation of cross-promotions.


The communication with the consumer at the point of sale is a marketing tool with already proven efficiency.

The facts about Billa are impressive:

Research confirms the strength of this type of communication channels – over 70% of purchasing decisions have been taken at the points of sale. The percentage increases when the customers are stimulated by various marketing activities and messages.

Pisa billboards - The ongoing 7-year 'Billa' project has proved its successful scheme of allocation of billboards: at the entrances and parking lots of the store. Such positioning can ensure effective communication with two main target groups – customers in the hypermarkets and those traveling on boulevards and around them.

Advertising LED boxes/ City lights - The so proven format of the light boxes as well as their traditional use in urban environment make them favourite because of the immediate impact on the consumers in hypermarkets throughout the country. They are typically located just in front of the store and in pedestrian areas, which guarantees sufficient time for consideration of the advertising image and comprehension of text messages.

Cinema advertising

The company offers:

Engaged audience – the spots are shown immediately before the beginning of the film, which creates a high concentration attention span and definitely is a fantastic opportunity with enormous influence that works at maximum!

Product advantage – the cinema advertising media channel is generating the greatest impact ever. The large screen and high-tech surround sound attract the attention of the audience in a way that the conventional television spots do not allow.

Target audience – selecting target groups and amusing innovations.

Each campaign makes the brand escape the routine!

OFF – SCREEN advertising