Out-of-home media
Subway, road network, city zone

Republican road network

The most popular channel for outdoor advertising

The most popular channel for outdoor advertising continues to be trendy and efficient – taken apart or complementing integrated advertising campaigns. About 100 modern and attractive facilities all over the country, maintained in perfect condition by the company, expect you advertising visuals.

Along the national road network throughout the country, the company offers 235 advertising facilities, kept in perfect condition. They are located in attractive positions and expect your advertising images!

Pisa billboard - This type of billboards has become a very popular format for outdoor advertising, owing to its quick installation and rotation of the positions chosen and not least the attractive locations on the road network throughout the country.

Megaboard - The megaboards have proven efficient and popular standard for advertising on first-class roads, the roads of the international road network and the highways 'Hemus' and 'Trakia'.