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Billboard PLC Services - Design

The company is the ideal partner for all your design and graphic needs. Our creative art team has extensive experience in the printing industry and is constantly upgrading their knowledge and skills to stay on top of the industry progress. When using our services you get absolute confidence for your project, because we know how to properly design printing materials making sure that on output they will look as expected with high level of creativity. The company is also working with a number of data image banks to provide photographic visuals for customer's projects.


Billboard PLC Services - Pre-Press

The pre-printing services are an indispensable part of every printing process. The file, on which the image is saved must be transformed into a machine-readable format. Standard pre-printing services include scanning, which guarantees maximum quality of the images, computer processing for colour corrections, special effects, film editing, and generating of control print file for inking and exposition. The exposition process transforms the original film into ready-to-load plates for the machines.

Some of the printing works implement a contemporary technology for electronic installation of the originals directly to the printing plates. This technology is called Computer-to-Plate, and yields much more precise results because there is less probability for loss of information than under exposition. With exposition, pollution of the originals, imprecisions with installation, and other factors may affect print quality.

Generally, before printing a full order, a probe is prepared for client approval. Digital probes represent another innovative tool at the preprinting processes as they are produced faster, have much more lower prices than the traditional cromalin probes, and yield maximum precision of details and colours.

To assure that the projects will be printed properly to an output device our pre-press specialists check all files for free (sizes, image resolution, pagination, bleeds, coverage…) and certified matchprints can be produced on demand. The customers receives confirmation that the files are good for print as received, or with a list of issues requiring intervention. Following this report the customer can make the adjustments themselves or consign this work to our team.


Offset Printing
Billboard PLC Services - Offset Printing

Particularly suitable for medium and large print runs, traditional offset printing is known for its high-quality rendering as it allows to hit exact PMS tones. With our offset machines we can print all types of documents from 1 to 5 colors in all sizes up to 70/100 cm. A machine varnish (Acrylic, Mat, Glossy or Soft-touch) can be applied directly on the presses.


Digital Printing
Billboard PLC Services - Digital Printing

Digital printing is best suited for short runs and tight deadlines. The CTP ''computer-to-plate " system we use allows shorter production time and a similar print quality to offset printing. Thanks to our digital presses, we can now offer variable-data printing (VDP) in which elements such as text, graphics and images may be changed from one printed piece to the next, without stopping or slowing down the printing process.


Finishing & Binding Services
Billboard PLC Services - Finishing & Binding

The full range of high-class finishes and binding operations is carried out by our bookbinding department, equipped with specialized machinery and highly qualified staff. Finishes: Lamination matt, glossy, soft touch, metallic – Varnish (machine, UV, acrylic, mat or glossy) UV Varnish – Hot stamping – Embossing & Debossing Binding operations: Perfect binding – Edition Bound – Saddle stitching – Wire'o spiral- Micro perforation.


Europe-Wide Delivery
Billboard PLC Services - Europe-Wide Delivery

We deliver your products anywhere in Europe within the shortest possible period of time. Thanks to our transport partners (TNT, M&M, Act Logistic, Speedy) we are able to optimize shipment costs and deliver your printed products across Europe on one or several addresses at the customer's request.


Installation and Application
Billboard PLC Services - Installation and application

The company follows its strategy to provide a turn key solutions to the customers and to secure the best results of their project. Installation and application is a part of the services that Billboard develop over the years in order to meet the requirements of the clients. The installation and application division consist more than 20 certified applicators located in the offices of the company in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas. By having a local offices Billboard gives a big advantage to its customers to fulfil their global campaigns by optimizing transport and other cost and deadline of the project.